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Mystery Museum


These videos have been created specially for the mystery museum.  They each feature the day's Bible character narrating her own story while museum-worthy art from throughout the ages illustrates the action.  Each video goes with that day's Story/Service guide.  

The videos even feature some guest voice actors for your enjoyment.  

Day One: 

Esther the Courageous Queen

This video features Queen Esther Holding Evidence of Haman’s Guilt, 2006, by Lilian Broca. Learn more at

​Questions to go with the video:

  • What type of religion did Esther and Mordecai practice?

  • What special position in the kingdom did Esther gain?

  • Did Mordecai receive a reward for saving the emperor?

  • Why was it dangerous for Esther to go to the emperor for help?

  • Why did Esther go to the emperor even if she could have been killed?

Day Two: 

Mary the Blessed Believer

​Questions to go with the video:

  • Was Mary’s life tough or easy before she met Jesus?

  • What did Mary do to show her love for Jesus?

  • How did Jesus die?

  • Who stayed with Jesus all the through the crucifixion?

  • Who saw Jesus first when he was resurrected?

  • What did Jesus send Mary out to do?

Day Three: 

Deborah the Heroic Judge

This video features Deborah Under The Palm Tree, 1995, by Adrienne Cruz. Learn more at

​Questions to go with the video:

  • Why did Deborah’s people need to be freed?

  • Was Sisera for or against the people?

  • Who did God send to help the people?

  • Who gave Deborah’s army the strength to defeat Sisera?

  • Who finally defeated Sisera?

  • What did Deborah do after God’s victory?

Day Four: 

Tabitha the Beloved Servant

​Questions to go with the video:

  • What did Tabitha spend her time doing?

  • Who was the leader who helped Tabitha?

  • Why did Peter need to come to Tabitha?

  • What did Tabitha’s friends show Peter?

  • What did Peter do for Tabitha?

  • Why did many in Tabitha’s town come to believe in Jesus?

Day Five: 

Miriam the Fearless Prophet

This video features Miriam, 2018, by Silvia Dimitrova.   Learn more at

​Questions to go with the video:

  • What unusual place does Miriam put her baby brother?

  • Who finds Miriam’s baby brother and who gets to raise him?

  • What is the name of Miriam’s baby brother?

  • What do Miriam and her siblings do in Egypt when they get older?

  • What does Miriam do after her people escape Egypt?


The Mystery Museum


Like what you see?  These resources are offered for free, but a donation would be greatly appreciated and would go a long way in making more resources like this possible.

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