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Art Graphics

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RE Art Collection

These designs show us the connections of REduce, REuse, and REcycle, to REligion.

The designs depict the recycling symbol with three intricate scenes connected to either God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or the Trinity.  God the creator, the resurrected Jesus, and the rejuvenating Spirit teach us to be recyclers.  Now your recycling symbol can pay tribute to God. 


Digital copies of the images are being provided to you for free for church and personal use.  You are not permitted to sell these images or to use them commercially in any way.  If you'd like a poster, please consider purchasing one from our store (Coming Soon). 

Challenge your kids to make REArt!

Want a fun, and super easy, activity to do with kids?  Give them this printout and challenge them to fill in the shapes with cool scenes or to transform the whole shape into something great.  Here's another design printout you can use.  

About the Artist

These RE art graphics were created by Dan Jacob in 2015 using an open-source graphics editor called Inkscape.  Dan was inspired by the splendor of the Creator, Savior, and Spirit to make recycling symbols that attempt to reflect that splendor.  

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