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host a Make Your Own Hero Sale
cost estimate: $300 for 200 Minifigs
Sales estimate: $700 for 200 Minifigs
profit estimate: $400 for 200 Minifigs

In 2023, Brick Books hosted its first Make Your Own Hero Sale at the Fairfield County Fair in Lancaster, OH. Around 1000 kids passed through our booth and we made thousands of dollars in sales. After talking with youth leaders about the success of this event and others like it, we decided to make it a fundraising option for churches. That's right, you too can have families coming to you by the hundreds in order to hang out at your booth while combining a minifig body, head, hair, and two accessories to make their own hero. We provide lots of superhero, fantasy, sci-fi, ninja, knight, and misc. bodies. We provide skintones and hairstyles in lots of different colors. We provide loads of fun accessories like capes, wands, swords, lightsabers, shields, etc.

Holding a Make Your Own Hero Sale is pretty simple:

  • Just reserve a booth at your local county fair, art festival, pride fest, etc. You will have to pay this fee yourself.

  • Recruit enough volunteers to oversee your booth (at least two people at a time).

  • Reach out to Brick Books to reserve a Risk-Free MYOH Pack. You will need to place a $30 deposit per pack.

    • Brick Books will provide you with enough materials (bodies, heads, hair/hats/helmets, hands, and accessories) in order to make 200 minifig heroes per pack. ​

    • Brick Books will provide you with a customizable banner that you can print yourself or purchase.

    • Brick Books will provide you with basic organizational containers for all the parts and pieces.

    • Brick Books will provide you with a customizable pricing sheet for your sale:

      • We recommend charging $5 for one hero, $9 for two, $12 for three, $15 for five, or $20 for ten. The pricing is up to you.​

  • Set up your booth and connect with families as they make their own heroes. You will need to provide your own tent, tables, etc. We challenge you to get creative with how you present your sale and your church to the many families who will visit with you during the event.

    • You could title your booth "All are welcome at _______ Lutheran Church" and emphasize that the many different appearances of all the minifigs represent all the different people welcome at your church.​

    • You could title your booth "All God's Children" and emphasize that everyone is loved by God and all the different faces, skin tones, hairstyles, and outfits represented by the minifigs are all loved by God.

  • After your sale, pay Brick Books for all the parts and pieces that you used and send back any unused items. We calculate our price per minifig based on weight at 32 cents per gram. The average minifig weight is 4.67 grams meaning that the average minifig costs about $1.50. The cost for all 200 minifigs is $300 minus the $30 deposit. You will not need to pay for unused pieces as long as you send them back.

    • For example, if your church reserves one MYOH Pack and sells 162 minifigs and sends 38 back to Brick Books, you will need to pay $212.09 (this accounts for the $30 deposit you already paid). That leaves you with a potential profit over $500, depending upon your pricing!

    • For example, if your church reserves five MYOH Packs and sells 823 minifigs and sends 177 back to Brick Books, you will need to pay $1,079.89 (this accounts for the $30 deposits you already paid). That leaves you with a potential profit over $2,500!

form your own brickery

Do you have unused space in your church?

What if you could turn that empty space into a gathering place for young families?

A "Brickery" is our term for a dedicated space for building and learning. This space can be opened up for community brick events, birthday parties, holiday parties, and whatever else you come up with. It's up to you whether you make this event space free or rent it out. The going rate for 1 hour of play in a brick space is about $200 for ten kids. These spaces have opened up across the U.S. and are an increasingly popular choice for family fun. Do you want to draw young families into your building? Do you want to bring in some extra revenue? Do you want to promote free play, creativity, and community building? A Brickery might be right for you. 

Brick Books will help you form your own Brickery:

Step 1

Schedule a free consultation with a Brick Books expert and form a consultation team.

We recommend 4-5 people, including children, youth, and adults.

This team will create your space, form your business plan, and get the party started.

Step 2

Identify an appropriate space.

You will need a secure entrance/exit, ADA compliance, fire code compliance,

access to a restroom, proper heating and cooling, and access to janitorial/cleaning supplies.

Step 3

Create a startup business plan using the template provided by Brick Books.

The template includes potential pricing for a party at $200 for a group of 10 kids.

This rate is highly competitive with other brick party spaces

and accounts for take-home items like minifigures and kits.

Step 4

Hire or appoint a Brickery Manager.

We highly recommend a base pay rate of $15 per hour.

This person will be responsible for ensuring that the space remains clean

and that all events are properly staffed.

Step 5

Set up your space using a starter pack for only $400.

The Brickery starter pack includes 5,000 new bricks in a variety of shapes,

sizes, and colors, as well as 100 minifigs and 10 sorting trays, plus signage.

This is a big bulk discount providing enough for many parties.

As a Brick Books partner you'll also have access to bulk pricing for our original kits.

Step 6

Launch your space and start advertising

Brick Books provides you with customizable graphics for advertising

on Facebook, Groupon, with local schools, etc.

Step 7

Take a day of rest.


Brook Books are a brand-new educational tool for all ages. Now you can have your own Bible StoryHistorical Figure, and Science building block sets. That's right, you can actually build Noah's Ark! But that's not all. Brick Book sets include a story book illustrated with the same figures that you'll be building! You get to build the ark alongside Noah and Naamah. You'll receive a compostable box containing all the bricks you'll need, custom minifigs, the special story book and building instructions.

Brick Books Art are special sets that don't include a book or collectible box but make great gifts.

Brick Books is an independent brand. These are not official LEGO sets but are fully compatible with LEGO so that you can keep building your own creations!

What sets are available?

Noah, Naamah, and the Ark

Nativity Scene

Mini Rainbow

Mini Ark

Luther Rose

David and Goliath

Harriet Tubman

Rosie the Riveter



Order Now!

Order Now!

Order Now!


Coming Soon!

Back Project

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Eco packaging :)

Brick Book boxes are made from FSC-Certified materials, including 30% Recycled Fiber Content, and are printed with non-toxic inks. The box, and even the bags inside, are home compostable and curbside recyclable. Go earth!

Recycle QR.png

What about the "Book" Part of Brick Books?

Brick Book sets include an original storybook that's even illustrated with the same figures that you build in the set. Check out these pics from some of the pages in the Noah, Naamah, and the Ark book. To read and see the whole story, you'll have to get the set!

How can you get your hands on some brick books?

Special edition early release sets are available online here. You can also donate to the project or pre-order future sets.

About Brick books' creator

Dan (he/him) is a Deacon of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Dan has served in children, youth, and campus ministries. Dan first heard the call to ministry through Black Liberation Theology as an undergrad at Wittenberg University and discovered his gifts for sharing that theology creatively while in seminary at Yale Divinity School. His greatest passions are serving kids and advocating for justice in fulfilling God's promised kingdom. These days, you're likely to find Dan knee deep in excited kids, building bricks, or pages of new poetry and children's lit. You might also find him outside tending to his small duck farm.