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Art Graphics

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Free Art and Graphics

On this page you can find weekly art based upon the lectionary. You can also find links to different image collections. These images have been lovingly created for your use by an artist. They are being offered for your ministry use for free as digital downloads. Prints of the images are also for sale on an online marketplace. Credit must be given to Banner Blue for any social media or other online use of these images.

Weekly Lectionary Art - Coming Soon

Select a tab to view a sample gallery of images. Please note, there may not be a new image in every style or theme each week. The latest image will appear first in the gallery.

Each image is original. Many images were created using free graphic design software like Inkscape and Images with five small colored blocks in the bottom right corner were created with Open AI's DALL-E. We recommend you explore how to use these tools to enrich your own ministries.