This is a gallery of the good news manifested to God's people in art.  The Gospel Gallery features contemporary and classical works from artists all over the world.  The works have been selected for their brilliantly imaginative depictions of Jesus and his teachings.  Click or tap on each image to learn more about it's artist.


A one year-old, ten year-old, and 100 year-old could each find meaning and inspiration in these images. 

Noël by Loïs Mailou Jones

Noël by Loïs Mailou Jones.jpg
Lois Mailou Jones.png

The first collection of works tells the story of Jesus' birth...

John 1:1-5 ~ Christ dwells with God and the spirit from the beginning

God of the Universe by Jae-Im Kim.png

God of the Universe by Jae-Im Kim

Jae-im Kim.png

Luke 1:5-25 ~ Gabriel Appears to Zecariah, Announcing John's Birth

Annunciation to Zechariah Ethiopic Bible

Annunciation to Zechariah 

from an Ethiopic Bible Illumination

Luke 1:26-38 ~ Gabriel Appears to Mary, Announcing Jesus' Birth

The Annunciation by Henry Ossawa Tanner.

The Annunciation by Henry Ossawa Tanner

Henry Ossawa Tanner.png

Luke 1:39-45 ~ Mary visits Elizabeth and john leaps in the womb

Visitation at Casa Ave Maria by Masaya a

Visitation and Apostles Mural at Casa Ave Maria, Nicaragua,

by Masaya Artisans, Commissioned by Rev. Grant Gallup

Luke 1:46-56 ~ Mary sings of the peace God has brought and will bring

Annunciation by Patricia Brintle

Patricia Brintle.png

Luke 2:4-7 ~ Mary and joseph travel to bethlehem,

where Jesus is born in a manger

Nativity by Elimo Njau.png

Nativity by Elimo Njau

Elimo Njau.png
The Birth of Jesus Christ by Woonbo Kim

The Birth of Jesus Christ by Kim Ki-chang

Kim Ki-Chang.png

Luke 2:8-14 ~ the angels appear to the shepherds and announce Jesus' birth

The Shepherds Glory to God in the Highes

The Shepherds Glory to God in the Highest by Hanna Varghese

Hanna Varghese.png

Luke 2:15-20 ~ the shepherds visit mary, Joseph, and newborn Jesus

Thai Nativity by Sawai Chinnawong.png

Thai Nativity by Sawai Chinnawong

Sawai Chinnawong.png

Luke 2:21-39 ~ Jesus is taken to the temple and greeted by simeon and anna

Madonna and Child Malaika Favorite.png

Madonna and Child by Malaika Favorite

Malaika Favorite.png
The Presentation in the Temple by Sister

The Presentation in the Temple

by Sister Claire SMMI

Sister Claire.png

Matthew 2:1-12 ~ The magi visit jesus

Nativity Scene with Angels, Virgin Mary, and the Three Wise Men by Clementine Hunter

Clementine Hunter.png

Matthew 2:13-15 ~ the family flees to egypt

Flight to Egypt by Ketut Lasia.png

Flight to Egypt by Ketut Lasia

Ketut Lasia.png

luke 2:40 ~ Jesus grows

Hidden Life in Nazareth Ivanka Demchuk.p

Hidden Life in Nazareth by Ivanka Demchuk

Ivanka Demchuk.png
Annunciation by Patricia Brintle.png

About the Artists

These artists represent a diverse group of backgrounds and styles.  Hover over their names to see the amazing people who made this art.  Click or tap on their work to learn more about them.