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This Lent, let us borrow from the wisdom of one of the most turbulent times in American history. You are invited to use this collection as a devotional for Lent 2024 by following the dates listed.

In divinity school, I was taught that the Civil Rights Movement was a religious movement. Not only were the leaders of the movement Sunday School teachers, choir directors, deacons and pastors but the moral crux of the movement could be found in the Gospels. 

What follows are critical moments/morals of the Civil Rights Movement, delivered to you through the words of the movement's leaders themselves. These moments/morals are presented in chronological order. In order to help you reflect upon the love and commitment of Jesus as he moved toward the cross, I have curated excerpts from speeches, sermons, songs, and writings describing the struggles and ideals that shaped America in a time of great turbulence.

Please understand that these are actual quotations from people who experienced extreme brutality and traumatic terrorist attacks. These texts are not appropriate for children. These texts should only be shared with youth with proper support. You are responsible for that support.

This collection for Lent features the words of these leaders:

  • Bayard Rustin

  • Langston Hughes

  • Earl Warren

  • Mamie Till

  • Rosa Parks

  • Lorraine Hansberry

  • Ella Baker

  • Odetta Holmes

  • Casey Hayden

  • John Lewis

  • Rachel Carson

  • Martin King

  • John Kennedy

  • Walter Reuther

  • Mahalia Jackson

  • Fannie Hamer

  • Arelya Mitchell

  • Miriam Makeba

  • Bob Moses

  • Joyce Brown

  • Gloria House

  • Stokely Carmichael

  • Edith Moore

  • Eartha Kitt

  • Correta King

  • Marsha Johnson

  • Nina Simone

  • Shirley Chisholm

  • Pauli Murray


The texts of this collection should not be reproduced. The images are all original and may be reproduced with credit given to

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About the Curator

Dan (he/him) is a Deacon of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Dan has served in children, youth, and campus ministries. Dan first heard the call to ministry through Black Liberation Theology as an undergrad at Wittenberg University and discovered his gifts for sharing that theology creatively while in seminary at Yale Divinity School. His greatest passions are serving kids and advocating for justice in fulfilling God's promised kingdom. These days, you're likely to find Dan knee deep in excited kids, building bricks, or pages of new poetry and children's lit. You might also find him outside tending to his small duck farm.

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