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Art Graphics

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Word Art Collection

This collection contains images created out of complete scriptural texts.  As with word clouds, the words in the text that appear the most also appear the largest in the artist's representation.  The collection includes several different representations of the Old and New Testaments, Genesis, Exodus, the Psalms, and the Gospels, including Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John individually, as well as the entire Bible. 


Digital copies of the images are being provided to you for free for church and personal use.  You are not permitted to sell these images or to use them commercially in any way.  If you'd like a poster, please consider purchasing one from our store (Coming Soon).

About the Artist

These word art graphics were created by Dan Jacob using software at and an open-source graphics editor called Inkscape.  Believe it or not, all 55 designs were created in one crazy day.  

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