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Valentine's Day Heart

Valentine's Day Heart

If you're looking for a fun and interactive valentine for your children and youth, then grab some our Valentine's Day Heart kits, while they last. These little kits feature 36 pieces that create the same heart found on our Luther Rose kit. The hearts can then be decorated with colorful pieces. As always, it's totally compatible with other brands like LEGO. 


Share these valentines as a classroom gift with friends and build your awesome hearts together. Choose between a heart made from red building bricks and and a heart made with white building bricks. The red building brick heart features the fun phrase "Building memories with you is the best adventure." The white building brick heart features the fun phrase "You're the missing piece to building a great friendship."


As with all Brick Books building kits, the paperless instructions can be found by following the QR code on the label. The building brick pieces come to you in compostable packaging and include a place on the label to put who the valentine is "to" and "from."

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