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Hart Street Makery

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The Hart Street Makery is hosted by Christ Lutheran Church in Old North Dayton, OH.  At the makery, kids are able to gather and practice art to their hearts' delight.  Our motto is "making with the maker, creating with the creator."  The kids don't just play around with crayons, they fully engage with art, technology, and science to carry out some impressive projects.  

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Recent projects include life-sized plush manatees, a life-sized treetrunk recycling station, a repurposed portable gaga pit, and a composting station for the neighborhood garden.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, the makery is temporarily closed but we are still taking on some big projects with the kids.  Learn more below. 

Major Makery Projects
Brick Book.gif
The Make Mobile
100 Sheep
Brick Book

Using 6,000 repurposed bike tassels, we are creating a life-sized woolly mammoth.  Since the shimmering purple coat gives this mammoth a glamorous look, we're calling it Glammoth, the glamour mammoth.

We're in the process of converting a 27' shuttle bus from the Akron MTA into a mobile art studio called The Make Mobile.  We could use your help bringing this project to fruition.  Learn more about how to help here.  

We are bringing Bible stories to life, in brick form!  Our lego village is home to over 60 minifigs who have stories to be told in the Brick Book.

Using recycled pool noodles, we are creating 100 life-sized sheep.  One of the 100 seems to keep going missing, but we always find it!  Our sheep will display a stunning spectrum of shapes, sizes, and color.

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