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Three Luther Minifigs

Three Luther Minifigs

Grab one of these original Martin Luther minifigs. They are already popular as gifts for family, friends, or even your pastor. Luther Minifigs are sold in sets of three and include free shipping. They've been carefully designed to translate the figure, and personality, of Martin Luther into a miniature building brick character. As with all minifigs, your Luthers will measure a bit more than 1.5 inches tall.


You will recieve each minifig in a small gold bag along with a cloak, hood, hammer, and tile of the 95 Theses for Luther to hold. You will also recieve one Luther with a smiling expression, one with an indignant expression, and one with a random expression. Your minifigs will randomly come with either brown or black hair. They're fully compatible with other building brick brands like LEGO.

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