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turbulent devotional

This Lent, let us borrow from the wisdom of one of the most turbulent times in American history. You are challenged to use the turbuLent collection as a devotional for Lent 2024.

What follows are critical moments/morals of the Civil Rights Movement, delivered to you through the words of the movement's leaders themselves. In order to help you reflect upon the love and commitment of Jesus as he moved toward the cross, I have curated excerpts from speeches, sermons, songs, and writings describing the struggles and ideals that shaped America in a time of great turbulence.

Reflect upon the wisdom of Bayard Rustin, Langston Hughes, Mamie Till, Rosa Parks, Lorraine Hansberry, Ella Baker, Odetta Holmes, Casey Hayden, John Lewis, Martin King, John Kennedy, Mahalia Jackson, Fannie Hamer, Miriam Makeba, Bob Moses, Gloria House, Stokely Carmichael, Eartha Kitt, Correta King, Marsha Johnson, Nina Simone, Shirley Chisholm, Pauli Murray, and more.

You are welcome to use these original Juneteenth graphics in order to celebrate this essential holiday.

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building block sets for families


Brook Books are a brand-new educational tool for all ages. Now you can have your own Bible StoryHistorical Figure, and Science building block sets. That's right, you can actually build Noah's Ark! But that's not all. Brick Book sets include a story book illustrated with the same figures that you'll be building! You get to build the ark alongside Noah and Naamah. You'll receive a compostable box containing all the bricks you'll need, custom minifigs, the special story book and building instructions.

Brick Books Art are special sets that don't include a book or collectible box but make great gifts.

Brick Books is an independent brand. These are not official LEGO sets but are fully compatible with LEGO so that you can keep building your own creations!

What sets are available?

Noah, Naamah, and the Ark

Nativity Scene

Mini Rainbow

Mini Ark

Luther Rose

David and Goliath

Harriet Tubman

Rosie the Riveter

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