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Part online artist’s studio, part hub for alternative ministry resources, part playground for the imagination—Banner Blue is an attempt to express faith while fully embracing the creative gifts that God has given us.  We like to see what happens when people are supported and equipped to truly think-in-terms-of-God's-infinite-possibility.  From our experience, the results are splendid.  Whether you're looking for resources to do church differently or just want to explore some new ways of looking at things, this is a great place to start.  This site was first dreamed up by and features much of the work of Dan Jacob.  Many of the projects are outgrowths of Dan's ministry work over the years at several different churches and camps.  

Banner Blue was set to debut in the summer of 2021 but that timetable has been moved up in order to release useful resources for families as they become available.  On this site you can already find many of these resources with much more to come... 

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Why Banner Blue?

Why a banner?

In medieval and ancient history, the banner represented a cause or something to fight for or to rally around.  In recent history, banners have come to represent a voice of protest.  Marches for justice follow banners through the streets.  Whether that banner says "I Am A Man," or "Si Se Puede," or "Say Her Name," it speaks boldly and invites you into the cause.

Why a lion on the banner?

For thousands of years and for cultures all across the globe, the lion has been a symbol of beauty and bravery.  If you are beautiful; if you are brave, this banner is for you.  The lion featured on the BB logo is based off of the oldest human depictions of a lion drawn in caves or carved into stone..  

Why blue?

It's my favorite color.  It's my favorite color because the shallows of a stream and the depths of the ocean are blue.  The midnight and noonday skies are both blue.  

Use of the banner blue

You are free to use the banner blue image or logo for non-commercial purposes.  The logo features a lion on a waving banner with two "B"s.  The banner appears in either blue or black and the lion and "B"s may be blue, black, gold, or white.

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About Banner Blue's creator

Dan is a Deacon of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  Dan currently serves in children, youth, and campus ministries at Wittenberg University, Peace Lutheran Church in Beavercreek, OH, and Christ Lutheran in Old North Dayton.  Dan first heard the call to ministry through Liberation Theology as an undergrad at Wittenberg and discovered his gifts for sharing that theology creatively while in seminary at Yale Divinity School.  His greatest passions are serving kids and advocating for justice in fulfilling God's promised kingdom.