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Rosie the Riveter Deluxe Kit with Rosie's Rig, B24 Liberator, and Book

Rosie the Riveter Deluxe Kit with Rosie's Rig, B24 Liberator, and Book

This kit includes the Rosie minifig plus the Rosie the Riveter illustrated book as well as Rosie's Rig and the B24 Bomber frame in 541 pieces. 


Our Rosie the Riveter minifig features a pair of work overalls and boots, perfect for a builder like Rosie. She even comes with a riveter and her classic head scarf. Rosie includes her iconic flexed armed. As with our bricks, our minifigs are completely compatible with classic building bricks.


Rosie's book tells the story of how the thousands of Woman Ordnance Workers as well as women who served in other branches of the military during WWII were essential in winning the war. Rosie's story has and continues to inspire generations of people to take on any challenge and win any battle in the fight for women's rights.


We've chosen to feature Rosie with a custom construction rig. Rosie was part of the WOWs (Woman Ordinance Workers) who built a lot of the machines and supplies that won World War II. The different real-life woman who the different Rosie the Riveter images are based upon did all kinds of work like riveting, metal pressing, and construction. Our Rosie has her own heavy-duty truck, complete with an articulated arm and tow capacity. Rosie doesn't mess around!


We chose to feature Rosie with the B24 Liberator in the deluxe kit to showcase one of the many things that Woman Ordinance Workers built. The liberator that Rosie is working on is only partially complete. Help Rosie to build the frame of this plane and get it on the way to liberating. 


The Mini Rainbow is a good set for experienced builders.


Price Breakdown:

  • Bricks - $32.46
  • Book - $5
  • Box - $5
  • Labor, Handling, and Shipping - $17.50

You pay $59.96


How are we able to sell our kits at such an afordable price compared with comporable sets from other building brick brands? The characters and stories we feature are real-life figures or come from the public domain. We do not have to pay expensive licensing fees. Additionally, our sets, minifigs, storybooks, and boxes are all designed in-house by artists commited to sharing inspiring stories at the lowest price possible. The leading brand averages a price of about $0.11 per brick where we are able to come in under $0.09 for our sets. Those savings add up.


Grab one of these first edition sets before they're all gone!


    Excluding Sales Tax |
    Expected to be shipped 2 months after purchase.
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