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Minifigs - Incredible Kids

Minifigs - Incredible Kids

These Limited Edition minifigs are inspired by real-life heroes from history. Learn and play with the amazing figures in the Incredible Kids series like Anne Frank, Annie Oakley, Emily Dickinson, Karl Witte, King Arthur, King Tut, Louis Braille, Samantha Smith, Shirley Temple, Wolfgang Mozart, and Woman Chief.


The minifigures are normal dimensions and completely compatible with classic bricks. As a limited edition minifig of Brick Books' Hero Series, they come in a special tin. Brick Books provides building kits and storybooks based upon inspirational figures from throughout history and from the greatest human imaginations. We hope that with our creations you learn how to build an inspiring world. 


Your purchase of this original minifigure helps us to meet our representation goals:
•    Goal 1 – 67% of minifigs representing females (We’re close at 61%.)
•    Goal 2 – 51% of minifigs representing people of color (We’re close at 50%.)
•    Goal 3 – 33% of minifigs representing children/youth or elders (We’ve done it with 37%!)
•    Goal 4 – 25% of minifigs representing folks from the LGBTQIA+ community (We have work to do with just 11%.)
•    Goal 5 – 10% of minifigs representing folks living with a disability (We have work to do with just 5%.)


This minifig is not suitable for children 3 and younger as it includes little pieces.

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