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Luther Rose - Pre-Built Brick Books Kit

Luther Rose - Pre-Built Brick Books Kit

The Luther Rose kit includes a Martin Luther minifig holding the 95 Theses along with bricks to build a 3D Luther Rose. The Luther Rose has already been built for you.


Price Breakdown:

  • Bricks - $12.30
  • Minifig - $5
  • Box - $5
  • Labor and Handling - $7.10

You pay $29.40


How are we able to sell our sets at such an afordable price compared with comporable sets from other building brick brands? The characters and stories we feature are real-life figures or come from the public domain. We do not have to pay expensive licensing fees. Additionally, our sets, minifigs, storybooks, and boxes are all designed in-house by artists commited to sharing inspiring stories at the lowest price possible. The leading brand averages a price of about $0.11 per brick where we are able to come in under $0.09 for our sets. Those savings add up.


Grab one of these first edition sets before they're all gone!

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