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Harriet Tubman: an EpBrick Poem

Harriet Tubman: an EpBrick Poem

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This one-of-a-kind book illustrates the incredible story of Harriet Tubman. Follow Harriet Tubman's life through a daring army raid, stealthy scouting missions and brilliant escapes on the underground railroad, to her days as a suffragist fighting for women's rights, all illustrated with amazing building bricks. This book features completely original illustrations created from building bricks and minifigures that are sure to get kids excited. You can even get your hands on the actual Harriet minifigure used in the illustrations.


We all have much to learn from Harriet Tubman: Harriet was a conductor of the Underground Railroad, Harriet was nicknamed Moses, Harriet was a veteran of the U.S. military, Harriet was a nurse, Harriet was a real-life spy and secret agent, Harriet was a mother, Harriet was the first female to command a mission and lead U.S. troops, Harriet was black, Harriet fought for women to have the right to vote, Harriet lived with a disability, Harriet was an expert survivalist, Harriet was a slave.
The EpBrick Poem's captivating storytelling puts you in the action of Harriet's incredible journey.


Enjoy this excerpt from the opening pages:
Here comes Harriet, bold and strong.
Hear her stories told. Come along!

As a conductor, the Underground Railroad's guide,
nicknamed-"let my people go!"-Moses, she did stride.

For women's rights, she'd strive for more.
She showed lionesses how to roar.

In Civil War battles, she played her part,
veteran of the U.S. Army, brave of heart.
A leader in the fight, first female commander,
wielding awesome might. Is anyone grander?

A mother. A farmer. Building a future.

Before that an agent, spy, with secrets to keep.
Before that a nurse, healer. Did she ever sleep?

Living with disability, she faced each day.
Wilderness, survivalist, in every way.

Through trials and strife, she would brave,
Harriet, the hero, born a slave.


This book features completely original illustrations created from building bricks and minifigures that are sure to get kids excited. You can even get your hands on the actual minifig of Harriet Tubman used in the illustrations!


This inspiring story of courage, fortitude, and the promise of freedom for all will get you and your kids thinking about how to build a more inspiring world for you and your neighbors. Harriet's callings as an advocate for elders, suffragist, relief worker for refugees, freedom fighter, and slave liberator are sure to inspire you to make your own world better.


You will receive a full-color book with large-print text. It's perfect for the classroom, playrooms, camp, children's libraries, and is sure to be a favorite for bedtime stories.

About the Author
Dan Jacob (he/him) first heard the call to justice while studying Black Liberation Theology at Wittenberg University and discovered his gifts for sharing that theology creatively while in seminary at Yale Divinity School. Having worked as an educator and artist for more than a decade, Dan has developed a guiding principle for all his work: kids first, always. His greatest passions are serving kids and advocating for justice. As a professional LEGO brick builder, Dan loves to create innovative learning resources that incorporate brick building--and that effectively connect with people who live with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, like Dan. These days, you're likely to find Dan knee deep in excited kids, building bricks, or pages of new poetry and children's lit. You might also find him outside tending to the ducks, rabbits, and sheep on his small farm.

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