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Recycled Recycling Tile - Brick Books Piece

Recycled Recycling Tile - Brick Books Piece

Help fund the Recycled Recycling Tile by pre-ordering a still-in-progress project.

Brick Books already features compostable boxes and bags but some plastic waste is produced in the process of producing each set or minifig. Our dream is to recycle that plastic into original bricks!

We have already designed the Recycled Recycling Tile and have excess plastic in storage but need your help to secure the equipment needed to refine that plastic and injection mold it into the tiles.

Backers at the $20 level will receive a set of 10 tiles. These tiles are compatible with any 2x2 or larger building plate.


Estimated delivery for this set is July 2023.


Back these projects by purchasing one of the pre-orders below. By buying one of these pre-orders you agree to receive your items at a future date. We are offering an estimate for delivery but reserve the right to take more time in refining our set's design.

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