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Art Graphics

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You Are Beloved

You Are Beloved.  Those words are true no matter who you are.  Wear them proud on an original button featuring a background with waving ribbons making up a full inclusion flag. 


Romans 8:38-39 tells us that God's love cannot be stopped.  There's no use trying to stop God's love, so share it instead.  

The rectangular image is designed at a 2:1 ratio so it works well for printed banners.

You Are Beloved Button.png
Your Are Beloved Banner.png

These designs are being sold as buttons and stickers.  They are all sold at-cost, meaning that you are paying for the price of printing and shipping but nothing more.  Please do not sell these items.  They are meant to be freely given, like God's love.

About the Artist

This design was created by Dan Jacob using an open-source graphics editor called Inkscape and completed on November 20th, 2020.

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