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The CATechism & Church DOGma

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The CATechism

For educational purposes (and for your enjoyment) we have translated the 10 Commandments, the Apostle's Creed, and the Lord's Prayer into cat gifs.  These artistic representations are the result of years of intense scholarship and debate from the world's greatest feline theologians, including such renowned figures as Mittens McFluffy (PhD) and Bishop Button.  We hope you regard this effort with the seriousness it deserves.

lord's prayer.gif
The 10 Commandments
(10 CommandMEOWs)
ten commandments.gif
The Apostle's Creed
(aPAWstle's Creed)
apostle's creed.gif
The Lord's Prayer
(Lord's pURRRer)

Church DOGma

Coming Soon!


For educational purposes (and for you enjoyment) a top panel of canine theologians is busy working on translating such central church doctrines as Saints and Sinners, The Two Kingdoms, Law and Gospel, Justification By Grace Through Faith, Freedom of the Christian, Bondage of the Will, and The Cross of Christ.

Saints and Sinners
The Two Kingdoms
Law and Gospel
Justification By Grace
Through Faith
Freedom of the Christian
Bondage of the Will
The Cross of Christ

About the curator

The curator of this little collection is Dan Jacob.  Dan first came up with the idea to create the CATechism in 2019 when a confirmation student asked Dan what he would do for a final confirmation project.  That weekend, Dan translated the Lord's Prayer into cat gifs.  After some goading from his equally-pet-loving sister, Dan added the other translations over time.  The gifs have been gathered from all over the internet but especially  

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