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Bulk Building Kits - Brick Books Orders

Bulk Building Kits - Brick Books Orders

On this page you can find brick building kits that we offer at a discounted bulk rate.  If an item cannot be selected from the drop-down menu, then it is currently out-of-stock and we are working on replenishing our inventory. Feel free to reach out to get an estimate on when an item might come back into stock. To learn more about each item, refer to that item's specific page in the shop.


Each item comes in the following bulk amount:

  • Luther Rose - Increments of 10
  • Deluxe Ark - Increments of 3
  • Deluxe Nativity - Increments of 3
  • Star of Bethlehem - Increments of 10
  • Mini Nativity - Increments of 10
  • Mini Ark - Increments of 10
  • Rosie's Rig - Increments of 10
  • Tini Rainbow - Increments of 10
  • Mini Rainbow - Increments of 10
  • Rainbow - Increments of 10
  • Phoenix - Increments of 10


These Brick Books building kits are all originally designed with kids in mind. Each kit comes in its own compostable package with a QR code for paperless building instructions. All of the bricks are compatible with classic building bricks like LEGO.


Bulk orders require additional time to be fulfilled.

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