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Penguin, Sloth, Sheep, and Koala - Animal Building Kits

Penguin, Sloth, Sheep, and Koala - Animal Building Kits

Take your brick building to the next level with one of these original animal kits!


Build your own sheep, penguin, sloth, or koala, and learn some awesome brick techniques. There are even two styles of each animal! All our bricks are completely compatible with classic building bricks. These animals are not only adorable, they're a blast to play with.


Our sheep features a fluffy-looking wool coat and adorable matchstick legs. Our sloth has a movable legs and feet as well as an arching back so that you can have it climb and hang as you please. The penguins can walk upright and slide on its belly or has movable side flippers that you can flap up and down. Our koala sits adorably with waving arms and legs and a twisting waist.


Building instructions for Brick Books kits are paperless. Your buildable animal will include a QR to take you to a free pdf of the instructions. You're even free to share that pdf with others so that they can build the animal with their own classic bricks.


This buildable animal comes in compostable packaging.

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