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Using 6,000 repurposed bike tassels, we are creating a life-sized woolly mammoth.  With adult supervision, the kids will be creating this giant themselves.  Since the shimmering purple coat gives this mammoth a glamorous look, we're calling it Glammoth, the glamour mammoth.

When finished, Glammoth will be 12 feet tall and 20 feet long.

3D Model of Glammoth

First we will assemble Glammoth's sturdy PVC and wood skeleton, then we'll cover the whole thing with a customized tarp, and finally the tarp will be lined with 6,000 glimmering purple and silver bike tassels.  

The tusks will be formed out of molded PVC and attached to the head on a swivel.  When the tusks are moved side-to-side, Glammoth's tail will wag.

Think this project has potential?  A donation would be greatly appreciated and would go a long way in making this resource, and others like it, possible.

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