Church kits for families

Pastor Katie, Pastor Angie, and Pastor Emily created this resource for their churches but are happy to share it with you too!  They have designed kits and several helpful documents for families to take faith formation into their own homes.  These kits include:

  •  Dinner Prayers

  • Prompts for Daily Prayer

  • Weekly Reflections on the theme

  • Crafts for Kids (with video tutorials)

  • At-home Worship Resources

The kits are assembled by church staff and volunteers including supplies for the craft and any other activities and families can pick up their kits during arranged pick-up times, when they can also check in with their pastors.  At the churches where they've been offered, kits have been going fast!


About the Authors's:

Pastor Katie Jacob serves at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Masillon, OH.

Pastor Angie Storer serves at Abiding Savior Lutheran Church in Alliance, OH.

Pastor Emily Seitz serves at Faith Lutheran Church in Massillon, OH.

September - God in creation

October - Always being made new